MUNI carpets



MUNI CARPETS began when its owner Kenji Kusudo came upon an antique Chinese carpet in 1987. Kenji Kusudo was drawn to its indigo blue hue, which deepened and matured through the years. In the course of collecting and studying antique Chinese carpets, he learned of a legendary group of carpets called the “classical Chinese carpets”, presented to the imperial court of China during the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. His strong desire to bring these beautiful and culturally valuable carpets back to life guided him to another encounter, his business partner Bill Zhang.


At the Research Department of the Palace Museum in Beijing. From right, Kenji Kusudo and Bill Zhang.

Moved by Kusudo’s commitment, Bill Zhang joined him as a partner. Together they began operating a studio, producing carpets envisioned by Kenji Kusudo, and in 1989 launched the project to restore the "classical Chinese carpets". Everything began from scratch, including the study of hand weaving techniques and the use of organic dyes, crafts that had been long lost at that time.


Since then Zhang and Kenji have gone forward with the hope of delivering “MUNI CARPETS” - carpets that are both peerless in quality and faithful to the original works.